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Who I am?

Welcome to the new blog. This section was blank for months on the site. I used to be on blogger but ended up abandoning it after I started using social media and I want to try again the blog area.

I'm Karla and I'm from Mexico. I like to write, draw and create stories of my characters. I'm not good at writing but I like to share the drawings of them and sometimes the comics I do.

I was focused at first with digital illustrations but later on the traditional area using watercolor and markers as my main medium. I want to go back to the digital medium, it's been a while since I finished a big and complicated digital illustration.

My main theme of my work it's fairytales or fantasy. In my gallery you will see illustrations of The Firebird Tale and Doll Show, both dear stories that started on 2012 with some ideas of previous years that I used on my illustrations, deer ladies, mother nature, butterflies, mermaids, dragons, roses and peacefull moments.

Right now my goal is to publish my first solo artbook. So hopefully I can do it soon.

Thank you so much for reading this first entry. Comments are welcome.

I would like to read your suggestions in new entries. Inspirations, materials, life...?

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